Ile de France

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A cultural and intellectual center as well as an urban laboratory of science, the Paris Region is also the economic powerhouse of the country, accounting for 28% of French GDP. Its position as the capital region makes for a powerful service industry. 82% of workers in the Paris Region are employed in this sector: government, banking, tourism and trade, as well as personal caregivers.

With 40% of the French research population, the Paris Region boasts a capacity for creation and innovation unique in Europe and stands out as one of the world’s leading regions in terms of science and technology. The region’s seven competitiveness clusters are working to strengthen this position by developing applied research, improving technology transfers and enhancing synergies with economic players.

The industrial fabric of the Paris Region also includes cutting-edge sectors: automobile manufacturing, aeronautics, printing, electronics, pharmaceuticals and agro-food, although some of these industries are experiencing profound crises.

The Région Ile de France is an education partner of the Tara Pacific (2016-2018) expedition.