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Panasonic computers accompany Tara Expéditions in their adventures and provide the crew with excellent working conditions thanks to highly resistant hardware.

Throughout the Tara Oceans Polar Circle expedition in 2013, the Toughpad FZ-G1 was used non-stop, both on deck and in the Tara laboratory. It continuously took readings relating to the analyses carried out on board and was used for collecting data. The Toughbook CF-53 laptops were used in Tara’s wheelhouse for navigation and cartography purposes, operating in redundant mode to support video feed by satellite.

“We used two laptops on board Tara exclusively for navigation. They’re absolutely essential tools for guiding any expedition around the North Pole. I was really impressed by the ruggedness and performance of these Panasonic products,” adds Captain Loïc Vallette.  “Their high level of reliability and stability in terms of power is also a critical factor, as the on-board power supply is not always stable – power cuts are a regular occurrence,” explains Romain Troublé.

The CF-19 was used on deck to collect data from the Rosette sampling system. This instrument comprises bottles and sensors and is lowered into the water to take samples so that the water temperature, salt content, light absorption by water, oxygen content, etc. can be analyzed. All these parameters are sent to the laptop to be analyzed, so that the structure of the column of water can be studied.

This Tara mission to the Mediterranean meant moving from cold to hot climes. A new piece of hardware was also added to the IT base: the Toughpad FZ-M1, a small versatile fully rugged 7″ tablet. This tablet proved to be a great navigation tool, as the Captain needed to look at the charts while navigating outside – he also used it on the deck of Tara and on board the zodiacs – the device’s reliability did the rest.

During this expedition, the FZ-G1 tablet was also used for steering a drone responsible for taking images. The crew found it really versatile to use, thanks to its compact size, ruggedness and crisp resolution even in bright sunlight. Its various features are extremely useful when having to contend with the sun’s glare on the water and the heat!

“The Toughpad and Toughbook devices are used extensively on board Tara. Thanks to their reliability, durability and battery life – whatever the weather and despite the humid, cold and permanently iodized atmosphere – we can really rely on them for our daily work. They’re the perfect travel companions,” says Romain Troublé, Secretary General of Tara Expéditions.

Panasonic, official supplier of Tara Expeditions