Plankton Planet

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Plankton Planet – Oceanography 2.0: Citizens surveying the ocean!

“Creating a direct link between seafaring citizens and researchers in oceanography”

10 to 100 billion organisms live in every liter of seawater. This is plankton—the largest global network of life which provides half of our oxygen and regulates the climate. To understand the richness and especially the evolution of this invisible world— interactions, migration, acclimatization, adaptation, extinction, speciation—the Plankton Planet Initiative was launched. This is the first biological oceanography program that links thousands of citizens sailing throughout the world’s oceans with researchers who decipher  plankton biodiversity through mass sequencing of barcoded DNA. To connect these two  communities of explorers, a simple, easy-to-use sampling kit has been developed to collect plankton at spatial and temporal levels never before explored.

With experience in plankton research in common,Tara Expeditions and Plankton Planet can help each other by combining their respective expertise to increase scientific knowledge and make it accessible to all.