The Naval Hydrographic and Oceanographic Service (service hydrographique et océanographique de la marine or SHOM) is a French administrative public body (établissement public à caractère administratif) administered by the Ministry of Defence. It was set up by decree number 2007-800 on 11 May 2007. Its board is presided over by the chef d’état-major de la marine and the body is directed by a director-general.

Shom is an institutional partner of the Tara Méditerranée expedition.

This year, on the occasion of Tara’s trip to Greenland in July 2015, SHOM (Service hydrographique et océanographique de la marine) will equip the schooner with real-time hydrographic data acquisition software. These measurements will contribute to enriching knowledge on this little explored part of the ocean.

SHOM data are generally used to draw marine charts and nautical documents critical to navigation safety, but also to produce maps and 3D marine-Earth models useful to coastline stakeholders. SHOM ensures the dissemination of this information, in particular through the portal.

The mission of SHOM is to study and describe the physical marine environment in its relationship with the atmosphere, ocean floors and coastal areas, as well as to forecast their evolution and to disseminate the related information.

In this capacity, it constitutes marine and coastal reference databases on various themes (sea floor depth, wrecks, currents, water temperature, salinity, nature of the seabed, etc.) useful for the expeditions of the schooner Tara. This is why SHOM has been supporting Tara Expeditions since 2009. During each expedition, SHOM provides the schooner with marine charts and nautical documents necessary for navigation.

National referent for sea level observations, SHOM provides expertise to the National Tsunami Warning Centre directed by the CEA (Commissariat à l’Energie Atomique et aux énergies alternatives), as well as to Météo-France for the monitoring of wave overwash.