© Vuarnet

Vuarnet is a French brand of sunglasses, founded in 1957. A world leader in high quality mineral lenses, from 2015 to 2017 Vuarnet will provide the Tara team with sunglasses adapted to the schooner’s different missions.

During Tara’s passage in Greenland in the summer of 2015, Vuarnet will participate in the voyage by equipping the members of Tara Expeditions, on mission to observe, understand and share the least-known aspects of the Arctic Circle.

The quality of Vuarnet’s mineral-glass lenses offers unrivaled precision, protection and resistance. Supplied with the VL1402, the iconic 002 and the Glacier sport models, members of the scientific team are ready to face the extreme light conditions of Greenland.

Vuarnet has been an official supplier of Tara Expeditions since 2015.