Jean-Claude Gascard

© F.Bernard/Tara Expeditions

Oceanographer at the Laboratory for Oceanography and Climate: Experiments and Digital Approaches (LOCEAN).  Coordinator of the European scientific program Damocles.

It was remarkable to accomplish the Arctic drift aboard Tara (2006 – 2008) 150 years after that of Fridtjof Nansen aboard the Fram (1893 -1896). Tara is the only boat able to study in detail the evolution of the Arctic over long periods of time at a reasonable cost.

Tara provides a unique observation station for biologists and oceanographers, glaciologists, and experts on the atmosphere, thanks to the boat’s ability to withstand ice pressure.  Within the Damocles project, Tara was the centerpiece of a vast network including satellites, relay antennas, logistics bases, and sophisticated technology. Tara’s work is not finished yet, and never will be.